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Open Call / Film/TV :
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Production Overview / Vue d`ensemble de la Production
Production Name / Nom de la Production: History of Love
Union Status / Statut Union: UNION
Media / Média: Feature - Film
Production Company / Compagnie de Production: 2.4.7. Films and Production Caramel
Producer(s) / Producteur(s): Marc-Antoine Robert, Xavier Rigault & Radu Mihaileanu
Director(s) / Directeur(s): Radu Mihaileanu
Casting Director / Directeur de Casting: Deirdre Bowen
Casting Assistant / Assistant au Casting: Christopher Richards
Accepting Submissions From / Acceptons les Soumissions venant: Toronto
Open Call Details / Détails de l`Audition Générale
Open Call Date(s) / Date(s) de L`Audition Générale: TBD
Open Call Time(s) / Heure de L`Audition Générale: TBD
Open Call City/Cities / Ville(s) ou se tiendra l`Audition Générale: Toronto
Shoot Date(s) / Date(s) de tournage: Monday May 11, 2015 - Saturday August 15th
Shoot City/Cities / Ville(s) de tournage: Montreal
Pay Rate / Salaire: ACTRA rates
Casting Notes / Notes du Casting: SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS:

Please read the role breakdown carefully before submitting.

Please email your picture and resume to historyoflovesubmissions@gmail.com

Synopsis: A wry but tender contemplation of the love that touches the lives of our leads each in its separate decade in the last century. Their stories intertwine as love, with all its pitfalls is explored. Our story starts in Brooklyn in 2000, where Alma (CAST- Sophie Nelisse) lives with her widowed mother. As she navigates the minefield of teenage love, her path crosses that of Leo (CAST - John Hurt), an 80 year old bachelor who is living out his days in near solitude. Leo has only ever loved one woman (CAST- Gemma Arterton). We flashback to Poland in 1939 where Leo's love story begins against a backdrop of persecution and war. But the telling of this story takes many complicated turns before leading us back to modern day Brooklyn and young Alma.

Characters / Personnage
1. Zoey - Supporting - 15 to 16 - Female / Féminin - Any

We are looking for a teenager (15 or 16) to play the role of Zoey- the best friend of our lead. SHE MUST BE PLUS SIZE.

15 - 16 Lines 50 Scenes 15

Must be plump or plus size. A bundle of energy. A wonderful talker- like most girls her age she loves to talk about boys and sex. Zoey is the kind of girl who will grow up to be a stand-up comic. She is the classic "Best Friend". She admires her best friend Alma enormously, even when Alma seems unkind. Zoey's relentless cheerfulness keeps her from ever getting down. The actors you suggest should be able to play 15/16 (Alma is played by Sophie Nelisse who will be 15 at the time of shooting).