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Open Call / Theatre :
l`Audition Générale / Théâtre :
Production Overview / Vue d`ensemble de la Production
Production Name / Nom de la Production: City of Angels
Union Status / Statut Union: UNION
Media / Média: Theatre
Production Company / Compagnie de Production: Theatre By The Bay
Show Venue / Lieu de Représentation: Mady Centre for the Performing Arts
Written By / Textes de: Larry Gelbart
Music By / Musique de: Cy Coleman
Director(s) / Directeur(s): Melissa Jane Shaw
Artistic Director(s) / Directeur(s) Artistique(s): Larissa Mair
Choreographer / Chorégraphe: Melissa Jane Shaw
Casting Director / Directeur de Casting: Larissa Mair
Accepting Submissions From / Acceptons les Soumissions venant: Toronto
Open Call Details / Détails de l`Audition Générale
Open Call Date(s) / Date(s) de L`Audition Générale: See below for submission instructions
Open Call City/Cities / Ville(s) ou se tiendra l`Audition Générale: Barrie, Ontario
Rehearsal Date(s) / Date de répétition: July 14th - August 6th in Barrie
Production/Show Date(s) / Date de présentation de la Production: August 7th - 30th, 2014
Production Venue / Lieu de la Production: Mady Centre for the Performing Arts
Production City/Cities / Ville(s) de la Production: Barrie, Ontario
Pay Rate / Salaire: EQUITY (F HOUSE) (($705.63) per week, NON-EQUITY $2000 honorarium (flat)

Theatre by the Bay will provide billeting for all actors.
Casting Notes / Notes du Casting: Auditions
Sunday, March 9th: Barrie (Only for talent that live in Barrie or the surrounding area.)

Monday, March 10th & Tuesday, March 11th: Toronto


Please send résumé, photo & cover letter to:

Larissa Mair
Deadline: Friday, February 21st

Auditions will be called out Wednesday, February 26th

Please mark clearly on your résumé where you live and what part you would like to audition for. When the auditions are called, we will provide information regarding what you need to prepare and the location.

Please email your photo & résumé, do not send it by regular mail.
Synopsis: Synopsis

City of Angels takes place in glamorous 1940s Hollywood. While trying to maintain his artistic integrity and marriage, a young novelist, Stine, is attempting to write a screenplay for fast-talking Hollywood producer, Buddy Fidler. As he creates the story about a private detective, Stone, the characters of Stine's imagination come to life on stage. Beautiful socialite Alaura Kingsley hires Stone to find her missing stepdaughter. The stepdaughter ends up showing up naked in Stone's bed. Soon, Stone is beat up by a bunch of hoodlums hired to get him off the Kingsley case. In the end, though, Stine confronts his sell-out, alter ego Stone and the manipulative Buddy and quits the project. After regaining his dignity, he is able to regain the love of his wife Gabby, and all ends well.

This is a highly stylized, sexy, film-noiresque piece that will require great comic timing, physical dexterity and the ability to play multiple characters.


Stone | Baritone, plays 30-45 years old
Movie World character. Stone is the private detective in Stine’s screenplay, “City of Angels”. A true leading man with grit, courage and charm, he’s everything Stine wishes he could be. But they both share a weakness for beautiful women.

Stine | Baritone, plays 30-45 years old
Real World character. A struggling writer who is working on his first screenplay adaptation from one of his more popular novels. He desperately wants this project to take off so that he can start earning some real money and become the famous writer he longs to be. Stine loves his wife, but his own insecurities keep leading him astray.

Oolie | Alto, plays 25-45 years old
Movie World character, Stone’s heart-of-gold-secretary. She’s sharp witted and can see Stone’s real motives even before he can. She’s also his right-hand in solving crimes and often comes to his rescue, though she longs to be more than someone’s Girl Friday.

Donna | Alto, plays 25-45 years old
Donna is Oolie’s Real World match, Stine’s secretary. But sadly, Stine doesn’t have Stone’s will-power and is having an affair with her, despite being in love with his wife. Donna knows this and regrets settling for being second fiddle.

Gabby/Bobbi | Mezzo, plays 28-40 years old
Real world character. Gabby is Stine’s wife, also a writer, who wishes he would stick to novels and stop his wondering eyes and hands. Same actress plays Bobbi, a sultry lounge singer in the Movie World, who is Stone’s past lover whom he still pines for.

Buddy Fiddler/Irvin Irving | Baritone, plays 30-60 years old
Buddy is Stine’s Real World movie producer, a true Hollywood mogul, smooth talking and not at all concerned with the ‘art’ of his script, just cuts and glam and sales. Irvin is the Movie World character, a letch that Stone catches sleeping with Bobbi, his lover.

Alaura Kingsley/Carla Haywood | Mezzo, plays 25-35 years old
Alaura is the Movie World character. Drop dead gorgeous; this woman gets what she wants. She’s married to a 75-year-old man, but sleeping with the ‘stepson’, which is an indication of her motives and scruples. Carla is the Real World match, Buddy’s Hollywood wife who is the actress who will play Alaura in the movie.

Mallory Kingsley/Avril Raines | Alto, plays 18-25 years old
Mallory is the Movie World young seductress, Alaura’s missing step-daughter whom Stone is looking for. He ends up finding her naked in his bed (no actual nudity required). Avril is the Real World match, a Hollywood starlet who tries to seduce Stine into changing the script so her character doesn’t die. Dance abilities required.

Munoz/ Pancho Vargas | Baritone, plays 25-45 years old
Munoz is the Movie World character that arrests Stone after seeing a photo of him in bed with Mallory, the missing girl. He resents Stone for being an over-privileged Gringo who gets away with murder. Pancho is the Real World actor Buddy hires to play Munoz in the movie. Latin American accent, dance & stage combat abilities required.

Jimmy Powers & Other Parts | Tenor, plays 25-45 years old
Cheesy radio crooner in both the Movie & Real World. This character will play multiple other male roles. Dance & stage combat abilities required.

Peter Kingsley & Other Parts | Tenor, plays 20s
Young and handsome, he is Alaura’s “stepson” whom we meet oiling her legs and warming up the tennis court. This actor will play multiple other roles. Dance & stage combat abilities required.

Angel City Woman 4 & Other Parts | Soprano, plays 25-45 years old
Ensemble who will play multiple parts, including singing 4-part harmony. Dance abilities.
Characters / Personnage
None / Aucune