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Open Call / Film/TV :
l`Audition Générale / Film/Télé :
Production Overview / Vue d`ensemble de la Production
Production Name / Nom de la Production: Calm Waters - VFS Web Series
Union Status / Statut Union: NON-UNION
Media / Média: Student Film
Casting Director / Directeur de Casting: Wesley Wilcox
Accepting Submissions From / Acceptons les Soumissions venant: Vancouver
Open Call Details / Détails de l`Audition Générale
Open Call Date(s) / Date(s) de L`Audition Générale: Sunday, September 16, 2012
Open Call Time(s) / Heure de L`Audition Générale: 1 PM to 5 PM
Open Call Address / Adresse de l`Audition Générale: VFS Film Production campus: 400 West Hastings St, Vancouver BC
Open Call City/Cities / Ville(s) ou se tiendra l`Audition Générale: Downtown Vancouver
Map to Open Call Address / Direction et Carte de l`Audition Générale: Click to view Link
Call Back Date(s) / Date(s) de Rappel de la présélection: September 21 - 23, 2012
Shoot Date(s) / Date(s) de tournage: 1st Episode: September 29 - October 2 (characters: Jason Waters, Trevor Dempsey, Clarice, Ellen, Frank) | 2nd Episode: October 7-10 (characters: Jason Waters, Trevor Dempsey, Britany, Burt, Connor, Mary, Billy/Billie, Frank, Homeless Man)
Shoot City/Cities / Ville(s) de tournage: Downtown Vancouver, BC
Pay Rate / Salaire: Non paying - VFS student film
Casting Notes / Notes du Casting: If you would like to come tomorrow (I know, really late notice) - call me at 604.780.4157
Synopsis: A meter maid, well he likes to be called "Parking Enforcement Officer", has an encounter with an unhappy recipient of a parking ticket. Distracted, in a heated moment, both are blindsided by an oncoming vehicle. They awaken in a new world where exiting isn't as easy as they would like.
Characters / Personnage
1. Jason Waters - - 25 to 40 - Male / Masculin -

Parking Enforcement Officer. Blunt, rough around the edges, disgruntled, and has a chip on his shoulder. Formerly a writer. Easily affected by what others say about him. Responds to criticism with anger.
2. Trevor Dempsey - - 30 to 40 - Male / Masculin -

Critic for a popular newspaper. Smug, and slightly pompous. Can easily offer his critique, but does not deal with being challenged well. Masks his insecurity with even more pompousness.
3. Clarice - - 25 to 35 - Female / Féminin -

The type of girl who complains a lot with a whiny high pitched voice that resonates even worse when heard through a squawk box. Naturally shy, shows signs of intelligence.
4. Ellen - - 55 to 65 - Female / Féminin -

A gentle warm hearted woman who'll put her own objectives to the side to help out others. She is reaching that point where forgetting things is common, but you can't help but love her as you receive a warm knit sweater in return.
5. Brittany - - 19 to 25 - Female / Féminin -

Thin and tattered. Troubled. People think she's psychologically disturbed, but really she's constantly living in fear of the BURT.
6. BURT - - 20 to 30 - Male / Masculin -

Physically intimidating. Cannot deal with anyone else failing him. Responds to any kind of shortcoming with anger and intimidation.
7. Mary - - 30 to 45 - Female / Féminin -

Beautiful mother. Nurturing and caring. Hates to see anyone suffering, but ignores mistakes that her own children make.
8. Frank - - 50 to 70 - Male / Masculin -

"Wise old owl" of the bus station. Doesn't say much, but tells people what they need to know. Upbeat. Unaffected by what goes on around him, but aware of everything. Knows more about the bus station than anyone else there.