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Open Call / Film/TV :
l`Audition Générale / Film/Télé :
Production Overview / Vue d`ensemble de la Production
Production Name / Nom de la Production: Different Tastes
Union Status / Statut Union: NON-UNION
Media / Média: Student Film
Director(s) / Directeur(s): Michael Peeling
Casting Director / Directeur de Casting: Michael Peeling
Accepting Submissions From / Acceptons les Soumissions venant: Toronto
Open Call Details / Détails de l`Audition Générale
Shoot Date(s) / Date(s) de tournage: Sunday, April 1, 2012
Shoot City/Cities / Ville(s) de tournage: Burlington, Ontario
Pay Rate / Salaire: none
Synopsis: The story follows a couple who are invited over for dinner by their recently divorced friend who tells them he has decided to open a restaurant. It features 3 middle-aged friends talking around a dinner table. The conversation is very awkward for the couple because their friend’s food is terrible and they don’t know how to tell him that he should not be opening a restaurant.
It begins with the friend introducing the idea of opening a restaurant to the couple as he serves them their food, which looks very unappetizing. When he leaves to get more dishes, they argue about how to tell him that his food is terrible and that he shouldn’t open a restaurant. When he returns an awkward conversation follows when they don’t know how to break his enthusiastic discussion of how his restaurant will look. The discussion reaches a peak when he asks them to invest in his restaurant.
Script / Joindre le Manuscrit: Click to view Script / Cliquez pour voir le Manuscrit
Characters / Personnage
1. Jared - - 27 to 40 - Male / Masculin - any

Recently divorced, he has taken up cooking as a new hobby. He doesn't realize he is a terrible cook and tells his friends he wants to open a restaurant.
2. Matt - - 27 to 40 - Male / Masculin - any

Invited to his friend's house to dinner, Matt and his girlfriend realize immediately that Jared is a terrible cook and try to dissuade him from opening his restaurant without hurting his feelings.
3. Lauren - - 27 to 40 - Female / Féminin - any

Matt's girlfriend, she immediately sees that Jared can't cook and tries to convince him that the restaurant is a bad idea.