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Open Call / Film/TV :
l`Audition Générale / Film/Télé :
Production Overview / Vue d`ensemble de la Production
Production Name / Nom de la Production: “No More Late Fees”
Union Status / Statut Union: BOTH
Media / Média: Student Film
Production Company / Compagnie de Production: Sheridan Student Film
Producer(s) / Producteur(s): Kelsi Dewhurst
Director(s) / Directeur(s): Jordan Dashner
Casting Director / Directeur de Casting: Matthew Morgan
Accepting Submissions From / Acceptons les Soumissions venant: Toronto
Open Call Details / Détails de l`Audition Générale
Open Call Date(s) / Date(s) de L`Audition Générale: Monday, Feb. 6th
Open Call Time(s) / Heure de L`Audition Générale: See below for Submission instructions
Open Call City/Cities / Ville(s) ou se tiendra l`Audition Générale: Toronto
Shoot Date(s) / Date(s) de tournage: Hopefully shooting Feb. 16-19.
Shoot City/Cities / Ville(s) de tournage: Toronto
Pay Rate / Salaire: Non-paying student film.
Casting Notes / Notes du Casting: ****SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS****

Please email your resume and headshot to Matthew Morgan at:

Synopsis: Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Themes: Confronting change/Growing up


Our story is about Chester, an overly positive video store employee who must confront the immanent demise of his beloved rental franchise, “Top Flicks.”

The Look

The film will take the style of a mock documentary. Characters will be set up in interview scenarios and dialogue between characters will be shot as if in real time. The documentary format however will not be rigidly maintained, and we will balance it between documentary shooting and slightly cinematic formatting. For example, if we go into an over the shoulder moment between two characters the format will be flexible enough that we can cut to each characters O.T.S without seeing documentary crew. The crew themselves will not be revealed, but actual characters will be aware of the cameras and frequently break the fourth wall.
Script / Joindre le Manuscrit: Click to view Script / Cliquez pour voir le Manuscrit
Characters / Personnage
1. Chester - Lead - 20 to 25 - Male / Masculin - Any

Chester: A twenty three year old video store employee. Chester has been working at Top Flicks for the last seven years; the store and his job are huge portions of his life, influencing the way he acts day-to-day. He has an overly positive disposition and refuses to admit that the world around him is changing.
2. Carrie - Lead - 25 to 30 - Female / Féminin - Any

Carrie: Carrie is a twenty seven year old Top Flicks management employee. She plays opposite to Chester in that she sees the reality of their situation and the inevitable closing of Top Flicks. Her tone is deadpan and plain, she speaks her mind and seems to have little patience for people.
3. Jeff - Lead - 40 to 50 - Male / Masculin - Any

3. Jeff: A middle aged franchise manager. Jeff has been the manager at Top Flicks for the last twenty years. He takes his job as manager a little too seriously and constantly persists to motivate his staff. Throughout the film Jeff attempts to keep Top Flicks open through various ideas and schemes. Like Chester, although in a slightly smaller capacity, much of his identity is attached to his job and the store.
4. Charlotte - Lead - 20 to 22 - Female / Féminin - Any

Charlotte: Charlotte is a twenty one year old Top Flicks employee. She is the object of Chester's affections, but does not know. She is a fairly happy, beautiful and open individual who has more depth than initially shown on the surface.
5. Mrs. Bell - Actor - 45 to 50 - Female / Féminin - Any

Mrs. Bell: Mrs. Bell is a forty seven year old. She has a crush on Chester.
6. Customer #1 - Actor - 33 to 38 - Male / Masculin - Any

Customer #1: Thirty five year old man.
7. Customer #2 - Actor - 50 to 70 - Male / Masculin - Any

Customer #2: A grumpy fifty to seventy year old man.