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Open Call / Film/TV :
l`Audition Générale / Film/Télé :
Production Overview / Vue d`ensemble de la Production
Production Name / Nom de la Production: Showdown at Dusty Springs
Union Status / Statut Union: NON-DESIGNATED
Media / Média: Student Film
Production Company / Compagnie de Production: Humber Production
Producer(s) / Producteur(s): Brendan Fernie
Director(s) / Directeur(s): Myles Milne
Casting Director / Directeur de Casting: Chris Chami
Accepting Submissions From / Acceptons les Soumissions venant: Toronto
Open Call Details / Détails de l`Audition Générale
Open Call Date(s) / Date(s) de L`Audition Générale: Saturday January 21, 2012/Sunday January 22, 2012
Open Call Time(s) / Heure de L`Audition Générale: Saturday Time: 4pm-8pm/Sunday Time: 1pm-5pm
Open Call Address / Adresse de l`Audition Générale: 130 Marchmount Road
Open Call City/Cities / Ville(s) ou se tiendra l`Audition Générale: Toronto
Map to Open Call Address / Direction et Carte de l`Audition Générale: Click to view Link
Call Back Date(s) / Date(s) de Rappel de la présélection: TBD
Shoot Date(s) / Date(s) de tournage: February 26,27,28 2012
Shoot City/Cities / Ville(s) de tournage: Etobicoke, Ontario
Synopsis: Showdown At Dusty Springs is a short comedic film that dives into the imagination of four young children. Characters Wendel (the honest) and Mort (the coward) are victims of toy robbery from Mickey (the bad). Roy (the good) steps in and tries to settle the matter. The story switches back and forth from reality (playground) to their imagination (western saloon).
Characters / Personnage
1. Roy - Lead - 18 to 30 - Male / Masculin - Caucasian

Roy (the good) Is a person who believes good triumphs over evil, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish this. Out of all the characters Roy is the most transfixed in this imaginary western world. His western character is much like the classic spaghetti western Clint Eastwood.
2. Mickey - Supporting - 18 to 30 - Male / Masculin - Any Ethnicity

Mickey (the bad) Is a character that is use to getting what he wants. He is constantly up to no good and mostly thinks about himself.
3. Wendel - Supporting - 18 to 30 - Male / Masculin - Any Ethnicity

Wendel (the honest) Has been in Dusty Springs for quite some time and has seen different sherifs come and go. Wendel is a simple honest man.
4. Mort - Supporting - 18 to 30 - Male / Masculin -