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AACTION Casting is a community based, information and employment hub for people in the entertainment industry.

Originally founded as a phone service by a former actress who wanted to create opportunities for newcomers, AACTION has grown over the years to become the site you see today.

The mandate at AACTION is to create opportunities in the industry. Not just auditions, but the chance to network and get out there, to be seen by industry professionals. As a resource, AACTION provides several services ranging from creating and storing your professional profile, to posting auditions and providing a Directory of third party services.

For years AACTION has been there to help performers get a 'foot in the door' and we hope to continue with that mandate and bring opportunities to everyone, whether they be new to the industry, or veterans.

Good luck out there!


Claude Limberger, President

Claude Limberger, President

Claude started his business career at the age of fifteen in his father’s electrical family business. He has considerable technical experience and is an expert in computer technology, including programming in machine language for the operation of industrial controls. Claude is first and foremost, a motivator and facilitator. He holds degrees from the University of Toronto in Biology, Psychology and Mathematics and holds a teaching certificate in Tai Chi Chuan and has studied numerous other forms of martial arts. He is also a self-taught Computer Programmer and Network Specialist.

He is the owner and manager of six diverse and successful businesses, including a family owned electrical contracting company (since 1975), a property management company (since 1987), a computer company (since 1992), a publishing company (since 1996), a film production company (since 2000), and an online casting company (since 2005). Claude is also in the process of developing and online computer game company.

Also an author, Claude has published three novels – Afterworld – Conversations; Afterworld – When Ghosts Disappear; and Timestopper. He is currently at work on his fourth.

Sean Ballantyne, Manager of Operations

Sean Ballantyne, Manager of Operations

Originally trained in Journalism, Sean soon found that he wanted nothing to do with that industry and found himself (unexpectedly) in the entertainment industry, performing in a comedy sketch/variety show. Bitten by the bug, Sean started down a new career path as an actor, with a blank page for a resume and not much more than hopes and dreams.

More than a decade later, Sean has appeared in dozens of theatrical performances ranging from Classic (Twelfth Night, An Ideal Husband, Pride and Prejudice) to modern (Run For Your Wife, Shakespeare's Gladiator Games, 12 Angry Men). Sean's on camera resume also runs a wide range from Independent (Shrew in the Park, Injustice, Reverse Chronological Encounters with the X/Y Chromosome) to mainstream (Souvenir of Canada, Masterminds, The Listener (Pilot))

Since assuming the role as AACTION's Manager of Operations, Sean has worked to implement new ideas and incentives, such as the 'AACTION Pre-Screen,' to open doors for talent by getting them in front of casting.